Get your Travel Content Strategy on Point with these Tips

There are people who believe that getting there is only half the fun. But everything that happens between your decision to leave the house and lying in a beach chair with a fruity drink in hand is just static, delayed, and stressful gratification. When traveling, you rely on the advice and support that travel experts offer online, and given the large number of content creators involved in the field, you are not alone.
So many touchpoints to interact with, so many ways to facilitate and improve the customer journey, and so many weaknesses for your business to overcome, content marketing in the travel and hospitality industry offers tremendous opportunities to build trust, create unforgettable moments and offer unique added value for intrepid world explorers, tired business travelers and everyone in between.

1. Understanding the Customer Journey

Wouldn’t it be great if someone searched a travel keyword, saw your paid search ad, clicked, and immediately converted? Shockingly, the present client journey is often far more unpredictable.
As defined by Think With Google, one individual can have many interactions with brands while exploring their travel. In one case, a lady named Amy did 34 searches, watched five recordings, and visited 380 web pages while exploring her trip to Disney World.
Tips to get to know:- People think and research all the time. Think of all the key moments that you can influence during the customer journey that ultimately lead to a conversion.

2. Define your Target Audience

The demographics of the customers you are trying to reach should be your first consideration. Who are you? For example, from the same Bing Travel Industry study, we know that women make 68% of searches for [family vacation ideas] and account for 69% of clicks. Women make up 59% of all travel-related searches and 62% of clicks.

3. Give them What they Want

Once you know who you’re addressing, it’s time to focus on what that audience wants. According to Bing’s research, the biggest search trends for [vacation ideas] include resorts, family vacations, and budget vacations.
Tips to get to know:- Make sure your offer tells people that you have what they want or need for their trip. That could mean tailoring your message for people who need affordable deals, want an all-inclusive resort, or are seeking outdoor activities.

4. Take them Where they Want to Go

Summer is a great time to go on road trips and cruises, visit national and state parks or amusement and theme parks, or visit international destinations.
Tips to get know:- We’re through the ideas and inspiration phase, people know where they’re going, which means they have higher buying intent, so get them there – increase your hard deals and deals.

5. Pay Attention to How People Search for Travel

People are switching between mobile devices and desktop computers. In general, most mobile travel users are looking for ideas and comparing prices, while most desktop travel users are ready (or almost ready) to buy or book a reservation. To travel on mobile devices, research by Google found that 75% of travelers ended up shopping on a desktop or laptop. (Another study by Google found that 90% of bookings are made on desktop computers.) Almost two-thirds of people check airfares and half of the hotel prices on their computers after shopping on their smartphones.
Tips to get know:- Target your campaigns to the right audience on the right device.

6. Bid On Your Brand Terms

Bidding on your brand terms means more clicks for you and fewer clicks for your competitors. Even if you have great visibility in organic search, chances are people will click and buy your competitor if you don’t run PPC ads. Increase incremental organic and paid clicks by up to 44% when you bid on your own branded terms. Bing Ads examines this in detail in its study of brand term bids.
Tips to get know:- Offer aggressive branding to ensure you are maximizing your SERP visibility.

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